Overtures of Shanghai EXPO Guest Hotel


It could be state that Shanghai is now perhaps the most economically developed city in China. It is also recognized as the most vigorous economy in the world, with the world Expo 2010 scheduled to be hosted here in Shanghai.

The expected proximity is that of the sinuous Huangpu River running through the middle of Shanghai, and the east side areas of Lupu Bridge. This targeted location of the 2010 World Expo is expected to be four times larger than that of Japan expo.

With these known facts about the Shanghai Expo of 2010, they can make excellent strides to yield a successful expo with their current state of the art technology and economic capacity.

Shanghai Expo welcomes celebrities and sovereigns of all nations around the globe. They will not just tour around the expo, but also visit the Bund, where Shanghaifs main feature of interests lies. Through former convention means, dignitary professionals toured around by way of boat or by walking on the street. Street signal will be implemented and a large number of security features will be arranged for the safety of the people, especially when large hoards of dignitaries are expected to arrive at the same time. Based on this pre-arranged scenario, it must be ensured that there is highly-trained security able to meet the demand of providing safety to such a large atmosphere. Virescent and waterscape are heavily used to create an interesting easy and secured space. In the past, when professional guests used a boat foe touring, traffic lights were adjusted and a number of guards were placed in numerous hot spots for their security. This caused an unnecessary amount of manpower.

To solve these conflicts, vessels were set up to take VIPs heading to the site of Expo as they enjoy the grate scenery along the Huangpu River. Also, they can directly access the front gate of the hotel. Believe it or not, this form of transportation eases up traffic jams along with saving time. It includes easy access to sightseeing spots with highly effective safety practice reinforced. Another benefits is the protection against disasters, while maintaining a set budgetc

During the period of guests stay, it is essential to make them feel comfortable during their visit. Therefore, I propose to infuse an idea  to create the perfect layouts in the building which has turning guest rooms. It features the first design patent in the world (A patent in Japan). Ad the guests pass through the elevator, they directly face the welcoming entrance. The front of the entrance has a passing walkway consisting of symmetric glass window that let us to view the expo site. Guest rooms are designed as a maisonette, which are divided into public and private areas, which offers the comfortable enjoyment as well as enjoy the magnificent view of expo. The idea of a turning bedroom in the guest room creates the ability to turn and adjust the angle towards the best view. Imagine enjoying Pearl Tower as the sun rises. Imagine enjoying the romantic sunset during the evening. Imagine the neon lights during the night hours. Guests will be overwhelmed and satisfied by the picturesque scenery the city has to offer.

In order to harmonize the architecture with the surrounding, the flower imagery at the base parts of the building are designed as lotuses, which appear as lotuses, which appear as if they are floating on the water.

After the Shanghai Expo, the hotel will function as a six-star hotel or be permanently used as a super lofting residential area. A comfortable and easy space is now being created on an unprecedented scale and a super lofty guest hotel is being newly-located.

An unforgettable memory will be left to distinguished guests accommodated here. Along with the pleasant impression on Shanghai, they will come to visit China and keep developing friendly relationships with China.

Architectural Perspective

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Architectural Modeling

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