Corporate Solutions

Hayakawa Architectual Design has proposed the design of the "Shanghai Expo Guest House" at MIPIM (a world's largest international real estate trade fair) in 2006.

We have solutions for needs, such as various scenes and a use, by adopting Dio-ARC (rotation technology) proposed in this "Shanghai Expo Guest House."
Please use our Dio-ARC if you are the enterprise wishing to have a beautiful scenery with the environment-friendly building design.

Dio-Arc can help reducing the influence of house rent and lot sale price by correcting the imbalance and the difference of the each house scenery, such as superb view can be obtained on one side but not on the other side.
We can adopt Dio-ARC technology for designing hotels too; changing the view of each room gives you a wide range of setting room-charges, and you can expect the improvement of the repetition rate and operation rates.
We are certain that our Dio-Arc will be useful to your business by contributing to create attractive space.
Please let us help your company business can gain continuous support from a user.