Features Of The Rotatiing Building

  • It can be rotated in any speed and direction.
  • It saves the energy by controlling directions of the room; you can obtain/avoid the sunlight.
  • You can fully enjoy the nature, 360 degree panoramic view, wind, and the smell of the air.


  • Japanese Patents
  • Chinese Patents

Rotating Drawing

Detached House Basic Plan : Above/Plan, Bottom/Elevation

Above/Plan, Bottom/Elevation

Hotel and Apartment Basic Plan : Duplex Type Plan

Duplex Type Plan

About Energy Omission


  • -The purpose is to examine the effect of reduction for air-conditioner energy which is achieved by one floor's rotating.
  • -The effect of reduction for air-conditioner energy should be examined by the comparision with the case of the floor's fixed due south(not to get direct rays, it should rotate once par a day).
  • The trail calculation by Okumiya Lab, Department of Environmental Engineering, Nagoya University,

The case of being fixed due south

Climate Condition

Naha standard weather data

The details of spaces for subject of air-conditioner
Specifications details
Floor space
(living room and 2bed rooms)
Total rooms capacity 190m²
Direction Due south (Left plan)
Outside wall area 21.5m²
Outside wall coefficient of overall heat transmission 0.96W/m²K
Window glass area 52.4m²
The room preset temprature (humidity) 26°C/60%
Air-conditioner suchedule living room (am9-pm8)
bed room (pm9-am8)
Window glass
  The coefficient of overall heat transmission(W/m²K) SC
insulateing glass
3.89 0.61

The case of rotating

The case of rotating
  • -floor rotates to avoid direct rays to the windows of living room and bed room.
  • -The floor is supposed to rotate once in a day and other conditons are the same as the case of due south fixed.

Result of the simulation

  • -Cooling load was used with SMASH* Ver2.1.3 in each case.
  • -Air-condition in air conditioner area is supposed to use as normal air-conditioner in the room and the result was showed with electricity consumption.(COP of room air-conditioning was set to "3".)
  • -The electricity consumption of the rotating motor is approximately 1.8kWh for turns around and the result is multiplied by the numbers of days which cooling load occured.
  • *SMASH:Heat load calculation program for house
  • Electristic fee is just $0.5 par day and it reduces 34 %.
  • -By Dio-ARC (rotating the floor), the electricity consumption of air conditioner is reduced 1,451kWh par year and the effect is approximately 34% reduction.
  • -The electricity consumption for Dio-ARC (rotating the floor) became approximately 603kWh par year.
  • -Yearly estimation of the electricity consumption which is needed for air-conditioner and Dio-ARC (floor rotation) became approximately 4.3MWh for due south and 3.5MWh for rotating.
  • -Therefore, by Dio-ARC (rotating the floor), the consumption of air conditioner which is fixed due south got the effect of approximately 34% reduction.